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Door to Door Fitness services were created to help high-in demand clientele, conveniently optimize their daily fitness routines to fit their busy schedules.

Master Trainer and Founder of Door to Door Fitness, Gerardo Lambert, has been training C-Suite clientele at Fortune 500 Company's for over 20 years in, and around NYC. As a heart transplant survivor of 9 years himself, he understands the urgent need, and priority, health and fitness should take in everyone’s life. He not only puts a focus on exercise, but on healthier lifestyle habits, and dietary changes.

We have the experience to develop fitness programs for small businesses with only one room to spare; as well as larger corporations that have full gym floor facilities, requiring full-time management and floor supervision. We provide a la carte services that can be mixed and matched to best suit each company’s needs and situation.


Screening services – Physical activity Readiness Questionnaires (PAR-Q), health history questionnaires, health risk appraisals, and fitness testing

Program Development – Fitness classes (step, toning, aerobics, etc.), specialty classes (kickboxing, kettle bell, TRX, and our signature class BodyShock developed by Master Trainer, Gerardo Lambert), equipment orientations (if a fitness center exists).


GET TONE! - Stations are pre setup for weight training. This program is intended to optimize your muscle endurance with a variety of weight training. The program is structured to target and task every muscle group.   For example: Bicep Curls, Tricep Dips, Dumbbell Shoulder Press, Squat Lunges, Burpees, Sit-Ups, Push-Ups, etc.  


KETTLEPLYO - Kettleplyo is a whole-body functional training that utilizes weights and explosive cardio workouts. This form of exercise will increase your heart rate and muscle endurance.  Training focuses on movements, not only muscles.  Proper technique must be used to execute the exercises correctly.  Examples of what training consists of: Double Kettlebell Clean to Ninja Jump Burpies, One Arm Kettlebell Power Swings, One Arm Kettlebell Snatches, Kettlebell Sots Press, Kettlebell Renegade Rows, Kettlebell Pistol Cone-Legged Squats.


BODYSHOCK - This is a high intensity class utilizing your body weight, plyometric movements and choreographed steps to optimize your fitness results. It’s tough, but effective, and will absolutely challenge your levels of fitness and endurance! BodyShock emphasizes providing a fun and safe workout for all fitness levels.


Specialty Programs – Prenatal/postpartum fitness, fitness and nutrition combination, special population programming (diabetes, cardiovascular hypertension, obesity, arthritis)

Customized Programs – Posture and ergonomics, employee team-building activities

Education – Weight Loss and Exercise, Exercise Myths Debunked, Nutrition and Weight Loss, How to Train for a Marathon, Fit Family Events


Programs can cost as little as $0 to the company –

with only facility use, and a small class fee for employees!

Class Fee per Participant – This option requires

only facility use, and minimal Human Resources

publicizing to employees about the new class selections

available and at their convenience! Classes can be held

morning, noon, or evening depending upon the company’s preference and facility availability. Class fees can range from $140 – $160 per participant, per 10-week session, based on the capacity of the space provided. *This fee can also be subsidized with corporate fitness rebates to motivate employees towards a healthier lifestyle, and pro-active choices! Most equipment is provided by Door to Door Fitness LLC based upon class choices. Some specialty classes require minimal equipment purchases.

Free to Employees – Some company’s prefer to provide scheduled class options that are free to employees, allowing them to register for free participation in any of the available classes developed & publicized prior to the launch date. This option provides employees the full benefit of an exercise routine that suits their unique needs. Having 100% covered fitness options motivates employees to participate in classes that provide

  • energy to make it through the day

  • generate gainful ideas while still being near by their current projects

  • and stimulate communication between co-workers with team-building activities


Part-time or Full-time Management of In-house Fitness Facilities – Door to Door Fitness has the knowledge and experience to help design, develop, and manage fitness facilities of any size. We are up-to-date on the latest fitness equipment and can outline the flow from floor to ceiling, to best fit your company’s requirements. Hours can be set for personal trainers and wellness coaches to be available on fitness floors for advice and guidance. Systems can also be set up to scan cards for membership, classes, and private sessions; as well as keep track of the general activity within the facility.


Contact us to further explore your company’s options and needs!


Tiffany Lambert, Sales and Marketing


Gerardo Lambert, Master Trainer and Program Developer
cell: 203.450.1591

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