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BodyShock's Owner & Master Trainer aka Mr. BodyShock


Gerardo has been training in and around New York City for over 25 years.  Gerardo's passion for fitness stems from his passion for dance, and his days modeling for fashion magazines.  A born ectomorph, Gerardo found muscle gain to be a challenge.  But the undertaking lead him to gain a professional understanding of muscular structure, posture, and the gym floor equipment that was most effective.

In 2009 Gerardo suffered from cardiomyopathic heart failure, and ended up in heart transplant rehab, Gerardo came back stronger than ever, deciding to move from the gym floor to the studio with his group fitness movement called BodyShock.  Gerardo's story, and Bodyshock have been inspiring others to revive their fitness goals for over ten years now!

When he's not training Gerardo enjoys biking the Connecticut Heritage Trails up to Massachusetts and skiing with his family in Vermont.


AFFA Certified Personal Trainer  |  AFFA Group Fitness Specialist  |  Senior Fitness Specialist  |  Adapted Fitness Certification

BEST FIT FOR - Gerardo is a force!  If you are looking to make some changes, flip a new chapter, or push past a plateau you've been struggling with, Gerardo will give that to you.  He's not about wasting time, he doesn't accept failure, or the word 'No'.  But he will bring about a strength within you that you never knew you had.  And when he's done (he's never done), you won't recognize yourself in the mirror.

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