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The weather is warming up.  It's time to get outside!  Outdoor exercise has a great effect on your mental and physical well being.  It's a natural antidepressant, and the outdoor terrain challenges your body in new ways! 

Backyard BodyShock

Getting friends together 1-2x per week is not only fun, but something you're more likely to stick to! 

Classes are by appointment only.  See our schedule for availability, when booking, provide the location.  We will confirm the request within 24hrs.


1-2 ppl Personal Training:



3-9 ppl Backyard BodyShock:



10 - 20 ppl Backyard Bodyshock:


Schedule a new class! 

Looking for a reoccurring class? 

Contact us at

and we'll make sure your hour is held for you every week.


Speed Walking


Great workouts -

well balanced with cardio and weights.   Always challenging and worth it!  

Thank you

Warm Up on the Beach


Thank you for the Fabulous Class!!! Week 3 and I'm getting so much stronger and loving it.

Women in Fitness Clothes


 BodyShock is the perfect class because it wakes up the metabolism as well as the mind and the joy of movement!   Thank you for all you give to your students.

Backyard BodyShock - Featured on Channel 12 News CT ; by emmy-award winning "12 on Health" news anchor Gillian Neff.  Providing peace of mind for friends & family with closed bubbles of contact, private outdoor or semi-indoor spaces, and personal equipment owned by each participant.  We follow the highest safety protocol with extreme precaution.  FIND OUT MORE >

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