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We love a good fundraiser!  Let's align our causes, and get in shape doing it!  BodyShock is awesome at energizing, entertaining, and motivating participants to get involved.  100% of all profits go to the non-profit or educational organization.  All we ask for in return, is a little BodyShock love. Share your experience, spread the word, and we'll do the same!

Fundraiser for Anti-Gun Violence, 2019


  It was truly an honor and such a fun experience hosting a fundraiser with Gerardo and Ali. They really did an outstanding job showing up, setting up and bringing the heat! They are a power duo. Bodyshock is an incredible workout. It’s heart pumping cardio will really leave you sweaty, happy and sore! We had a blast working out for a good cause. Thank you Gerardo and Ali!

- Ariel

I think we can all agree, today's class was AMAZING!! Some of us may not be able to walk tomorrow (ME!), but it was such a great way to get together and get outside, while moving our bodies and supporting our wonderful Preschool!


All this money will go towards refugees and their children coming to the U.S. who basically came with just the shirts on their backs. I want to thank all of you for being angels today.




Speed Walking


Gerardo has a spirit that takes your "I can't" to "I DID!"  Gerardo always pushes me to a new goal, tests my self-inflicted limits, and most importantly changed my attitude.

Warm Up on the Beach


Thank you for the Fabulous Class!!! Week 3 and I'm getting so much stronger and loving it.

Women in Fitness Clothes


 BodyShock is the perfect class because it wakes up the metabolism as well as the mind and the joy of movement!   Thank you for all you give to your students.

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