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Burn calories, push past your plateau, rejuvenate your body, and focus your mind with the BodyShock method.  The BodyShock class variety is structured to build a balanced mind, body, and soul!

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Classes are held every morning, Monday - Saturday.  8:30 AM & 9:30 AM

See the full schedule and reserve classes below.


This bodyweight intensive class will leave you feeling strong, accomplished and sweaty,  by incorporating light weights, high reps and high-intensity training.  This class is a full body workout.  Expect to be sore following your first few classes, expect to see changes immediately!
All levels are welcome.  Modifications are available.
Level: Intermediate - Advanced


Tone and shape muscle with high reps and a light to medium progressive weight training method.  Multi-functional gym equipment guided by your instructor will be utilized in this circuit-guided workout. 

Please bring water and a gym towel.
Level: Beginner - Advanced (reps & weight guided by your own personal achievement)


Teens ages 13-17,  with all levels of fitness can come in and learn foundational functional training routines,  proper form, and injury prevention while building confidence in their fitness journey and creating commitment to personal goals.

Please bring water and a gym towel.
Level: Beginner - Advanced (reps & weight guided by your own personal achievement)


Tabata is a high-intensity interval and cardio training that consists of eight sets of fast-paced exercises each performed for 20 seconds, interspersed with a brief rest of 10 seconds.  A hybrid of dance cardio, speed drills and endurance exercises set to good beats, creating a heart-pumping workout to keep your body in constant motion.

Level: Intermediate


New York City off-broadway dancer, Wilber Escobar, brings you through a fast-paced, full-body experience incorporating cardio dance and full-body sculpting.  Easy and fun dance moves elevate the heart rate while body weight and dumbbells tone and sculpt the body.  It's the type of exercise that feels more like a party than anything else. Don't be fooled though: this is a body-burning experience.
Level: Beginner - Intermediate


Beth guides you through a combination of flow and longer-held postures to help strengthen and nourish the body and mind.  In each class we will focus on building strength, balance and flexibility.  A perfect way to balance your exercise routine.

Level: Beginner - Intermediate


Single Studio Class Pass - $30  

10PK Studio Class Pass - $260 

most popular!

10 in-studio class passes.  Can be used anytime in a 3 month period.

Monthly Membership - $150 deal!

25 in-studio classes (1 per day).  Can be used anytime in a 1 month period.  Includes 10% OFF personal training and private group training services, and all in-studio merchandise. No contract, or hidden fees. 

Classes have limited spots available. Please book ahead of time to guarantee a space! 

You can cancel at any time up to 12hrs before class begins.  If you are waitlisted, an email will be sent to you as soon as anyone else cancels their reservation, in the order your waitlisting was received.

Class Booking
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