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A Results-Driven Training Method

BodyShock, the method,  was developed out of a need to stay fit while preventing injury after Gerardo’s open heart transplant surgery. Gerardo focuses on developing a balanced body with HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) plyometrics, light weight functional movements, and multi-positional dance cardio to increase the heart rate and burn calories faster while maintaining muscle mass.  Modifications are included when needed.  It is a tough workout but effective, and will absolutely challenge your current level of fitness and endurance!


A Balanced Routine You Can Stick To

BodyShock Studio provides a variety of classes that build a balanced mind, body, and soul.  Burn calories, push past your plateau, rejuvenate your body, and focus your mind with classes that incorporate all aspects of the body's functional movement.  From strength, endurance, and explosive energy, to reflexology, balance, breath control and mindfulness - we've got you covered!

*The free trial period does not include any house-call or personal training services.

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