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1362 Post Road East, Westport, CT 06880


8:30AM Circuit with Gerardo

9:30AM BodyShock by Gerardo

6:30PM Circuit with Gerardo


8:30AM BodyShock by Gerardo

9:30AM Circuit with Gerardo

6:30PM Circuit with Gerardo


8:30AM BodyShock by Gerardo

9:30AM Circuit with Gerardo


8:30AM Circuit with Gerardo

9:30AM BodyShock by Gerardo


8:30AM Circuit with Gerardo

9:30AM BodyShock by Gerardo


8AM BodyShock by Gerardo

9:15AM Circuit with Gerardo


Gerardo Lambert

Owner & Master Trainer aka Mr. BodyShock

Gerardo has been training in and around New York City for over 25 years.  Gerardo's passion for fitness stems from his passion for dance, and his days modeling for fashion magazines.

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Layla has always had a passion for wellness and body movement. She discovered pilates years ago and loved how it strengthens your body from the inside out.
Layla is certified in TRX and is nearing her completion of her Pilates Comprehensive Instructor Training through Balanced Body.

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Frances teaches Barre and Pilates, and is certified in traditional Strength & Calisthenic Personal Training. Originally from Texas, Frances moved East in 2005. She began her fitness journey in 2008, post-pregnancy, when she started running and fell in love with the sport. She has now completed 5 marathons including NYC, and dozens of half marathons and 5k's. 


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In-studio personal training uniquely developed for your personal lifestyle journey.

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Backyard BodyShock

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Backyard Bodyshock

Backyard, barn or garage - we'll be there!  Gather your friends and family for a safe and uplifting hour of BodyShock.

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We'll be there!

Let's align our causes, and get in shape doing it!

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Gerardo was diagnosed with an idiopathic cardiomyopathy in 2005.  It was concluded to be an unknown infection. He continued to train to the best of his ability, whether it was walking a few miles a day, or practicing short intervals of functional training.  “I watched so many others in my position give up on their careers, give up on all physical activity, and just sit themselves down in wheelchairs. Having a heart condition is not as forgiving as propaganda makes it out to be. Without an exceptional support group, the right guidance, and moderate physical activity, cardiac patients can easily lose the will power to live!” Gerardo explains.
In 2009, Gerardo received a heart transplant.  After being bed-bound for three months in an induced coma, Gerardo lost over 80lbs of muscle mass – nearly half his weight, and needed to rebuild even the most common muscular functions from walking, to sitting upright in a chair.
But it didn’t take Gerardo long to get back to work. Only six months after his transplant surgery, Gerardo was back in the gym spreading inspirational words to all his clients about the significance of taking care of this one body and life that we have.  This is how BODYSHOCK was created!

When COVID-19 spread across the United States in 2019, Gerardo was immediately spot lighted once again as an immune-compromised heart transplant recipient.  For over 10 years Gerardo had been cautious with germs, but now he needed to adapt his services not only for his own personal safety, but for the safety of his participants as well.  Gerardo was one of the first fitness professionals to offer outdoor, and open-air locations with closed group reservations.  His protocols held up with ZERO reported cases of community spread, and were taken on by many other local fitness locations in the following months. 

Being outdoors made Gerardo quickly realized that just like our body, our earth needs some deep rooted TLC!  We can no longer leave it up to the scientists and the engineers of the world to fix.  We each need to do our part.  In turn, BODYSHOCK is now taking on a holistic look at our carbon footprint, as well as our commitment to getting outside whenever possible! To remind ourselves of just how important our impact is on this One life. One Body. And One Earth.




Gym Workout


I’ve been with Gerardo since 2019.  He is motivating and encouraging and pushes you to achieve your goals. We are all different ages, and athletic levels and he caters the workout to each of us so effortlessly. It’s the benefit of a group workout along with customization to meet your individual needs.

Kettlebell Workout

This was one of the best workouts I’ve had in a long time! I felt like every muscle group was hit, and pushed, but didn’t leave feeling “beat up”. I surprised myself with what I could do, and Gerardo’s enthusiasm was really empowering.

Women in Fitness Clothes


This is hands down the best circuit training workout class I have ever taken - and I’ve taken a lot in NY + LA. I was blown away by the custom workout Gerardo provides to each of his clients.  Gerardo really makes sure you get the most out of your workout, corrects your form so you don’t get hurt and you can see he really cares and loves what he does!.

Speed Walking


Great workouts -

well balanced with cardio and weights.   Always challenging and worth it!  

Thank you

Warm Up on the Beach


Thank you for the Fabulous Class!!! Week 3 and I'm getting so much stronger and loving it.

Women in Fitness Clothes


 BodyShock is the perfect class because it wakes up the metabolism as well as the mind and the joy of movement!   Thank you for all you give to your students.