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Beautiful Nature

BEST FIT FOR - Wilber's natural charisma and endless energy will get you moving and having fun even on the dreariest of days.  He's great with medium to large groups of any age.  Book him for your tweens who might not be into sports, but could use some one-on-one creative movement.  Or looking for a party?  Get a group of friends together in your backyard for some Backyard BodyShock with Wilber.  He'll bring the fun & fitness every time!



" I am an artist first.  With me, you will learn to connect with your body and feel its rhythm.  You will forget where you are, and push past your own limits with expressive movement and unforgettable beats! "

The Classes - WilBurn Dance Cardio is a fast-paced, full-body experience incorporating dance and full-body sculpting. It's the type of exercise that feels more like a party than anything else. Don't be fooled though: this is a full body-burning experience.

Tabata Body is a hybrid of dance cardio, speed drills, and endurance exercises set to good beats, creating a heart-pumping workout to keep your body in constant motion.


B.A. in Dance & Theatre; Resident Choreographer - for various musical theatre companies in NYC and CT.
Director - of Master Class Workshops, Full-Length Musicals, and Theatre Summer Camps across Fairfield County.


NASM Certified Personal Trainer  |  AFAA Group Fitness Training Specialist | Barre | TRX | Body Sculpt | Tabata |HIIT


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